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  4. is this site still alive

  5. i need help how can ?


  6. I also think I'm back, at least for a short period of time.


    The reason: I realised my monitor from my laptop was shit, so I got a 2nd monitor like 2 weeks ago and now I can actually see colours, not just pale shit


    (silly excuse but still, except me tryharding)

  7. I think that I'm back... sorry for my absence guys ^^

    1. Project #22329

      Project #22329

      Welcome back! Wish you swift recovery! 

  8. can i have th psd of ur tag?

    it looks awesome

    i just want to learn :)

  9.  '               -         '      

  10. Participations of the new event are open : 


  11. The Masquerade

  12. I would like to apply for the Mascot Staff Position.

    1. Kenji


      I have previous Moderator experience!! 

    2. Shadow


      If you can be an event planning/posting mascot who can commit to 6 months on staff, then hit me up on the PM's.

  13. Events staff still wanted, PM for more details :)

  14. The Siren

  15. 1 year here

  16. You Lose

  17. Xilla

  18. The Ritual Redux

  19. Secret Santa

  20. Smoker

  21. My Little Demon

  22. Rubix

  23. The Poison Apple

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