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Ever thought all of GFXR's teams are too competitive and unlikely to accept beginners? You're not alone. But fear not, if you are one of those aformentioned beginners, then this is probably the team you've been looking for. 'Get Good' is a team specifically for those new to tagging, as well as anyone who simply feels like they could be better and need a welcoming enviroment to help improve their skills. I promise on this team you will never be passed over for someone more talented or skilled, you can only be bested by those more in need of the help!


So what's the catch? Simple, inactivity will result in a kick, especially if places are needed. Additionally, this team is not intended as your permanent tagging home, but rather a stepping stone to help you reach the level where other teams will want to steal you away. So if you want to try a new road to improvement, apply right now!


Please visit this thread and post 3-5 of your most recent tags, before applying here: