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A  very brief, rough and metal-scraping sound sharply puts your eardrums into a vibrating state. Unsettling and nerve-wracking silence engulfs the almost pitch-dark room we dizzily find ourselves in. The humid, heavy air reigning inside this tremendously tiring atmosphere slowly condenses on the soft, tender and sweaty surface of your body. Immediately, all that is left of your by now drained attention is subconsciously drawn towards the somewhat nostalgic sound emitted by this smoothly sparkling reflective object that is softly held between the fingers of my loose, yet well-defined hands.


A very weakly dimmed light. Heat.


This barely conscious perception gradually dampens the numbing buzz inside your partly absent mind.


A familiar flame.


It softly tints the distinguishable features of my rough face in a dark orange color: numerous sharp stopples covering the harsh edges of this scruffy chin your lively lips used to passionately cling onto, the calm naturally relaxed look of my dark piercing eyes and this small, iconic, cylindrical, white, canvas-like textured object tightly sealed between my dried out lips. Soon, this fragile flame is carefully replaced by a brief and calming hiss, which is closely followed by a pulsating orange glow, reminding you of a tiny firefly that is cyclically and smoothly switching through its binary states. During this flame's gradual fading phase, at the very end of this white deadly stick that partly serves as controversial decoration, the fumes produced by the kindled content of said object swiftly pass right through my oral cavity, quickly finding their path downwards into a complex labyrinth, which confidently hides it numerous passages to my blood vessels.




The immediate process of intoxication induces a deep sense of exhilaration within the complexity of my brain. As you hardly recognize the initial wave of your beloved ocean-blue haze slowly escape my stress-relieved body through wide-open nostrils, your consciousness sneakingly slips away due to your by now well accumulated drowsiness. Before falling into your liberating coma-like sleep, an intense feeling of pure satisfaction brutally rushes through what you could best describe as your inner soul while the ignited ashes that float through our dark hidden cave lovingly dissolve into numerous minuscule particles that comfortably blend with our sweaty breathing air. The aftermath of the ultimate tranquilizer: the devilishly tempting cigarette after sex.