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  1. is photoshopping on an imac a thing?

  2. every1 gettn a drunk call ftp

    1. Tyler


      It all makes sense now...

    2. Dan2 🚬

      Dan2 🚬

      ban dan1 thanks.

  3. every1 gettn a drunk call dt

  4. every1 gettn a drunk call dt

  5. Sheep Baaaad

    1. Shadow


      Dan Moon Conspiracy.

    2. 9ss be back later

      9ss be back later

      I con confirm everything all lies

  6. República da Lua...

    1. Miss Pixie

      Miss Pixie

      republica dos memes

    2. Hagaro~


      república da potaria

    3. You have made 0 of 1 🚬
  7. I need 42 points.

    1. axis
    2. 9ss be back later

      9ss be back later

      um check pm please, i wanna be purple like u

  8. Mayweather will remain undefeated after tonight.

  9. I was so tired and lazy that I was heading to bed but, they're was a wild computer chair blocking my path so I climbed on to the chair and shifted my weight on to the backrest so I could fall out of the chair straight into the confines of my bed but as I fell I got nervous halfway through mid-fall so I stuck my leg out, it goes through the arm of the chair and meets with the ground, the friction of the carpet held my leg in place (I'm wearing my J's btw.) As I fell, the corner of...

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    2. faux_pas


      It's your calling to become the pokemon master.

    3. Wishlah


      moral of the story is if you're going to do something stupid, don't bitch out half way or you'll make it worse :p hahaha

    4. DanDanDaaaan


      I should probably cancel my skydive next week then. ;(