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  1. I also think I'm back, at least for a short period of time.


    The reason: I realised my monitor from my laptop was shit, so I got a 2nd monitor like 2 weeks ago and now I can actually see colours, not just pale shit


    (silly excuse but still, except me tryharding)

  2. I'm back...I think...and hope

  3. Ugh,exams ;-; I really want to be more active,but I can't due the exams ;-; ... 21 more days

    1. LifeAlpha


      Lol wow that's such a coincidence! Because I'm on exams too atm, until next week. :p

  4. Bob has no arm. "Knock,knock!" "Who is there? "It isn't Bob!"

    1. Emasaurus


      what if he knocked with his foot :o

    2. Panda
  5. Margoloh a si esrevinu eht, noisulli na si ytilaer eht.

    1. faux_pas


      Such backward logic!

    2. LimeWub
  6. The irony of my PC:I have decent terminals (gaming keyboard and headphones,sweet microphone and mouse,a good monitor) but terrible motherboard :/

    1. GLHD


      Buy a new motherboard. I have literally just solved everything :)

    2. Wishlah


      spend money on hardware before peripherals lol

  7. Ow,sunande?

    1. Johnny


      thought this said sundae...

    2. DanDanDaaaan
    3. Trux


      lol that's fonetic japanese

  8. Oh man,what's the reason?

  9. Summer,I want you

    1. BlueFuture
    2. Izaya


      And I need you

  10. School...such boring,very no!

  11. I hate and I'll hate the school system in my country ;-;

  12. Je suis Charlie!

    1. thewizardofgfxresource:^)


      no freedom of speech on a gfx forum

  13. Ugh scholl...

  14. Happy New Year Everybody!

    1. Shadow


      Happy new year :)