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  1. is this site still alive

  2. I would like to apply for the Mascot Staff Position.

    1. Kenji


      I have previous Moderator experience!! 

    2. Shadow


      If you can be an event planning/posting mascot who can commit to 6 months on staff, then hit me up on the PM's.

  3. tagging still alive?

  4. sexy ass theme tbh

  5. haven't made tags in a min

  6. Sorry for the inactivity.. been sick for a while!

    1. Kidan


      it's fine, you are forgiven :)

    2. Wishlah


      no you are not. come see me in my office.

  7. omg panda whur hav u been

  8. Pokemon GOO IS OUTT WAT

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    2. Jaime


      Time to replace my old phone then

    3. Kenji


      I am currently at Lvl 6, Instinct Team, with 26 pokemons and 9 eggs skeet skeet

    4. Joliee


      sugoi, catch me!

  9. I miss Combat Arms.

    1. nas


      quarantine mode :-)

    2. Kenji


      free ran that shiz

  10. feel my butt

  11. I wish we had a photography section :3

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    2. Kenji


      So lets bring it back?

    3. 9ss be back later

      9ss be back later

      Let it rip while it has some dignity

    4. Teddyb3ar


      More photographs you guys put, more studies I could do ^^. Worth for me.

  12. Summer 6ixteen

  13. Summer 6ixteen

  14. Wishlah change the salmon

    1. .Vaaskiii


      embrace yo inner salmon

  15. the new homepage is sex

    1. You have made 0 of 1 🚬

      You have made 0 of 1 🚬

      Yes, takes a while to load and once it loaded I fall asleep.

    2. Kenji


      maybe for you xD

  16. At 10:03 AM Eden was born. (yes its a boy) Welcome to the world :D

  17. Little update! My mother is about to give birth :O

    1. BLADER


      Congratulations! :0

    2. Tyler


      Damn, I didn't know I was gonna be stuck with a kid...

    3. BLADER


      OHHHHH shit Tyler is yo daddy

  18. 5 finals down and 2 more to go :3

  19. Times will pass and seasons will come and go.

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    2. You have made 0 of 1 🚬

      You have made 0 of 1 🚬

      Only the avatar, master of 4 elements could stop the firenation.

    3. Johnny


      hey chubbz :)

    4. Kenji
  20. Welp.. tomorrow is Halloween

    1. SexyWizardChris


      Halloween is overrated. Except hot chicks in hot costumes.

    2. Kenji


      word my brother