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  1. I don't have always right, but i ever have the last word !!! :D:D:D

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    2. Ellectrona
    3. Half Man Half Biscuit

      Half Man Half Biscuit

      Hey ich spreche auch Deutsch und bin ein susser 23 jahriger bube ;),Ola meine deutschen freunde :)

    4. HeliX
  2. make some new fractals for a pack

  3. BMX is the ..........

  4. Damn!!!!!! I belive I'm old xD

  5. uhhhhh 500 post today :D:D:D

    1. Vinned


      Almost there ;P

    2. Rod


      Gratz :D

  6. new c4d pack in a few mins !!!!!!!!!

  7. Lazy Staffer's !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. new c4d pack after a long time ago

    1. Vinned


      Looks great =)

    2. Danko
    3. Rod


      I wanna see it, but my internet almost don't let me see the homepage, lol

  9. new c4d pack after a long time ago

  10. only with my Beddo

  11. Inspiration drying up, Motivation slowing down

  12. i am stay hiiiiiigh till the day i diiiiiieee

  13. uhhhhhiiiiii on top 5 of the richest member :-D

    1. Zhai


      congrats! :)