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  1. New stuff added to the bloggy!

  2. New stuff just added to the bloggy!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DrunkenBudha


      looking good man like ur new style!

    3. dejaVu


      thx Db, got a new tablet so trying new stuff :D

    4. DrunkenBudha


      i have a tablet 2 but hardly use it lolz keep up the good works man!!

  3. Monotone n'C4Ds = Spam in a Can

  4. NBA starts up on Dec. 25th!

  5. Hanging the X-Mas lights.. ugh!

    1. Sanctified


      uhsome! merry xmas bro .. and a happy new year ^^

    2. Ellipsis


      I always enjoy hanging up the lights ^^; it's one of the best parts to me lol.

    3. dejaVu


      Thx Sanc, merry x-mas to u too m8.

      @Ellipsis, ya i didn't mind it so much a few yrs ago. just gets time consuming. Gonna post up a thread & let ppl show off their houses if they have lights up.

  6. Turkey, mash taters, cranberry sauce, apple pie..

    1. WuHu



      That just made me incredibly hungry :P

  7. A picture is a poem without words... now where have I heard that b4??

    1. Twon
    2. dejaVu


      True. I was being a bit sarcastic with "smurfette" using my profile quote lol. I've used that same 1 for almost 2 yrs

    3. Twon


      Ah Lol. Well then!

  8. It's taco night at rykers island!

  9. It is better to be alone, than in bad company.

  10. Strikeforce indeed.. I believe this is their last season with UFC buying them out.

    Used to watch alot of K1 but the community shrunk with everyone moving over to MMA. I love boxing too!

  11. Lucky! I wanted to go to an event last year with my little brother, but the events are just too damn expensive. You watch Organizations outside ufc like Strikeforce, or other JMMA promotions?

  12. Big time MMA fan! I used to live a cpl hours from vegas so I would get to at least 1 fight a yr when they were in town.

  13. Are you a mma fan? A wolf can recognize his own :) That and I Couldn't help but notice Mr Jones in your sig space. lol

  14. Great guy, was a pleasure meeting you here online.