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  • GFXR Updates Planner
    Track past and future-planned site updates on this page
    Further explore integrated applications for teams and team management for the future.
    Try to downsize/reorganize our million forums on the index a bit among other related things. the main related thing being fixing slow TTFB.
    Bring back our old user awards and probably make better icons while i'm there. Also create an easier page for people to claim rewards.
    Image Host
    Create a new image host to replace our old one. Will be independent of GFXR most likely.
    Use the Downloads application for resource contributions. Public resources can also be uploaded here by members saving them the need to upload to shit places like mediafire. Upon uploading, a thread is automatically created by/for them in the relevant resource forum. Can automate extra point gains from uploading resources.
    Start using the IPS in-built gallery to showcase albums consisting of tags from Event winners, Featured Members album, SOTW winners etc.
    Winners Boxes
    Re-make the winners boxes found on our old index page as well as it's integration with the homepage gallery. Harder than it sounds because I am a retard.
    Landing Page
    Reintegrate our previous landing page with IPS4 as well as update the page while i'm there.
    Shop Items
    Creating various items and items for members to purchase with both $$$ and/or points.
    Bring back points and restore everyones previous quantities. Look into integrating points as a currency for the shop. Update: couldn't integrate. instead will be building a custom page for buying things with points. Update again: Okay I could integrate it.
    IPS Commerce
    Bring back the shop and it's purchasable packages. This is taking longer than expected, mainly because I've been sidetracked making cutsie items.
    Two pages where bugs and suggestions can be submitted and tracked. Allows myself to easily manage bugs/suggestions that are present as well as see things that have happened previously.
    Update Planner
    An easy place where I can list biggish things that are planned and tick them off upon completion. Also gives me an easy thing to link to when people ask "Is X coming back?" "When are we doing this?" etc.
    We're live!
    Open the site to the public. Unfortunately since we also changed server, our domain needs to point at our one which involves an up-to 48 hour waiting period as the DNS servers propgate. 48 hours is also bullshit because this process always results in caching issues for a handful of members for weeks. A simple 301 redirect is in place to help people with caching issues. Does the job but also means that the homepage is about 1 second slower than it should be.
    GFXR Theme
    Make a new theme more-or-less resembling our classic GFXR Theme but tailored for IPS4.
    System Upgrades
    With a better Server and CMS it's time to make sure everything back-end runs great such as caching, asynchronous systems, SSL, Email handling, headers, efficient backups and other such tasks.
    IPS4 Upgrade
    After 18 months of waiting for IPS to iron out the bugs, we're finally moving to IPS4.
    CDN Upgrade
    Coverage has been extended and now includes areas such as Singapore and Australia.
    Server Upgrade
    Or rather migration. Taking this opportunity to move site onto a different, more powerful server. The old one will still remain for other things but GFXR won't be on it.
    Fix and Update Database
    Database contains hundreds of tables from previous installations of third party software. Have to prune what we no longer need and find out what can be safely converted afterwards.